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Articles examples

* For all articles source code is included in appropriate .jar (see "src" directory).
** To run any of the jars and see demo type
java -jar desiredJarName.jar
in command line.

    Vertical text example. vertical.jar ~10kb
    Scaling example. scale.jar ~10kb
    Scaling with custom GlyphPainter example. scale_glyphpainter.jar ~19kb
    Pagination example. pagination.jar ~29kb
    Hyphenation example. hyph.jar ~11kb
    Multicolumn example. multi.jar ~11kb
    Forced wrap/No wrap example. wrap.jar ~9kb
    Tables in the JEditorPane example. tables.jar ~12kb
      Tables in the JEditorPane example (Insert rows and columns). table_insert_rowcol.jar ~16kb
    Blinking text in the JEditorPane example. blink.jar ~4kb
    Marquee text feature in the JEditorPane example. marquee.jar ~10kb
    Custom GlyphPainter and text effects in the JEditorPane example. gp_effects.jar ~24kb
    JEditorPane's content Printer library with demo app. JEditorPanePrinter.jar ~27kb
    Fraction view in JEditorPane/JTextPane demo app. fraction.jar ~23kb
    JEditorPane/JTextPane's Document and Views structure viewer demo app. structure.jar ~19kb
    Show paragraphs in the JEditorPane/JTextPane example. showpar.jar ~9kb
    Folding (collapsible) area in the JEditorPane/JTextPane example. collapse.jar ~21kb
    Bullets and Numberings in the JEditorPane/JTextPane example. bullets_numberings.jar ~22kb
    HTMLEditorKit and Custom tags in the JEditorPane/JTextPane example. custom_tag.jar ~9kb

Projects downloads

    EnvelopeTableModel library. envelope.jar ~215kb
    EnvelopeTableModel demo app. envdemo.jar ~57kb
    EnvelopeTableModel rtf docs. envdoc.rtf ~15kb

    Dockable windows container demo. dock.jar ~26kb

    Java2D Shapes demo. shapedemo.jar ~8kb
    Java2D Shapes library. jshapes.jar ~6kb
    Java2D Shapes source code. ~4kb

    JConnector application. jconnector.jar ~17kb
    JConnector source code. ~9kb

    XMLEditorKit library (source code included. See src directory in the .jar file). xmleditorkit.jar ~24kb

    DocxEditorKit library docxkit.jar ~92kb. Source code for the kit ~44kb.