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EnvelopeTableModel project.

The EnvelopeTableModel is a class which implements TableModel, encapsulates original TableModel and gives possibility to perform sort and group actions without changing original data. The EnvelopeTableModel supports multicolumn sort/group function and provides API for managing these features. An additional package contains renderers, which shows structured data of model.

Original TableModel data.

Original data is orders history. It shows goods ordered by customers by dates and sums.

Sorting of original data by EnvelopeTableModel.

Data sorted in EnvelopeTableModel by Customers and Goods.

Grouping of original data by EnvelopeTableModel.

Data group by customer and goods. Columns' function is set. MAX group function for date column and SUM function for quantity and sum (to show group sum).

Pivot view of original data by EnvelopeTableModel.

Pivot data. Good by dates.

The source code is included in the .jar file (See src directory).

Click Downloads to get EnvelopeTableModel library, demo application and documnetation.