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I am a software developer and consultant with more than 15 years of programming experience. I have developed several swing based projects with advanced text editors (e.g. MS Word like editor written with java/swing) as well as several web applications.

I am used to work on projects with all kinds of challenges - performance, memory leaks, bad design, missing docs, legacy projects, unusual features request etc.

Price depends on multiple reasons: length and complexity of task/project, whether I have another tasks/projects, whether I have similar code snippets etc.

"Try it first" strategy in my case means I am ready to start and work for some time (e.g. for 2 weeks) providing final results in the end. You can check/test the results and pay if it's suit your expectations.

I am always ready to fix my bugs.

If you need a team I can ask a few more java developers and/or testers to join the team.

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